Annual egg consumption of Japanese people is 331 eggs per person.* *Actual consumption in FY 2016 (Source: IEC (International Egg Commission))Therefore, it is understood that, for us to eat safe eggs without anxiety, thorough quality control is particularly important.To enhance hygienic management of directly operated farms, we have acquired the Farm HACCP.In addition, through the nationwide group network, we have delivered safe, secure high-quality eggs to customers all the time in a stable manner.The element indispensable for producing perfect eggs is the state of health of the parent chickens that lay the eggs. What is important to keep them healthy is the quality of the feedstuffs to be eaten by the parent chickens.Our strength is the reassuring quality that can be achieved by the MEC Group that has a consistent workflow in Japan ranging from assorted feed to the raising of chickens, construction/equipment for poultry houses, and the processing and sale of eggs.MEC Foods Inc.Toyohashi Feed Mills Inc.Production farm(directly operated farm)GP Center(Package Center)CustomersConsistent commodity supply flow by the GroupAssuming a concierge-like role as a support window, including listening to customer needs.Being engaged in operations ranging from development to manufacturing by mixing and processing different, carefully selected feed materials with an optimum nutritional balance. Making shipments every day to the GP Center in terms of safe and secure feedstuffs and the eggs laid by the chickens raised in a comfortable environment.Received eggs are shipped as products after strict inspection.Kisarazu Farm of Partners Inc.Farm HACCP and JGAP acquired.Strengths unique to a feedstuff manufacturerCommodity supply flow consistent within the Group ranging from eggs to chickensJapan Livestock Industry Association Certification No.90Farm instructor No.31Kisarazu Farm

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